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Emulation of New Teaching Interna[06.18]
Alumnus Conference Held on July 8[06.18]
A Volunteer Lecture given by Wang[05.17]
2012 Cultivating Talents English [05.15]
 About BRS
Located an hour away from the downtown Beijing, BRS lies on a beautiful campus in the Changping District that is equipped with modern teaching facilities and combines the strengths of traditional Chinese education and Western education. In addition to BRS, lies Beijing Royal Kindergarten (BRK) and Beijing Royal Foreign Language School (Primary School).
 School News
Principal Wang GF Hired as Mentor of Young Entrepreneurs o[11.21]
President Wang GF Attended UN Women Seminar[11.21]
Beijing Royal Kindergarten Host the 2014 Fun Halloween Par[11.20]
BRSStudents Invited to Participate in International Girls [11.20]
Principal Wang GF Awarded as UNC Tenured Professor[11.19]
Beijing Royal School Graduation Gala------By Theo[06.16]
2014 BRS High School Graduation Ceremony[06.13]
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  • Cao Yajie       Imperial College
    Beijing Royal School has a great reputation in teaching A-levels for over 10 years. Our school possesses the most up-t...
  • Li Zihan    Dartmouth College
    Ms. Li Zihan, graduated in 2011 and was permitted by Dartmouth College Thanks for the flexible selective course system...
  • Yan Junchen    Imperial College
    Yan Junchen, graduated in 2011 and was permitted by he Imperial College The 8-year teaching experience of A-Level pro...
  • Li Tiancheng    Tufts University.
    With the education of BRS, I got excellent score of TOEFL and as well as was trained in summer camp. Thanks for the cu...
  • Xue Jian    Washington University (St. Louis)
    Xue Jian, graduated in 2010 and was permitted by Washington University (St. Louis) BRS provided us freedom of self-stu...
  • Xing Zhiyao    Imperial College.
    BRS not only has matured experience of international course, but also has philosophy of international connection. Bene...
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